20 NOVEMBER 2010

Thank you to all the members, drivers and drivers of the future who participated in the Salisbury Christmas Parade this morning.  It was great to see everybody getting into the atmosphere with some mums going down memory lane and parading their racing colours too.  Young 2 year old Jasper Hoare's grandma made him a set of racing colours just for today and overall what a bunch of great kids we have involved with SAHRPA, every child waited patiently for the parade to start at 10.30 am after arriving at 9.00 am.  

The horse and cart was supplied by Salisbury Council but had to be re-fibreglassed and painted.  Julie Gilbert’s vehicle was all polished up and the float was decorated with tinsel.  Then there was the banner that in the last week Karen Carey was able to secure with Artsign kindly donating to SAHRPA.   Thank you to all the children who were so well behaved, hope you all enjoyed yourselves!

All the kids waiting patiently

Taking it easy....

Don't get sunburnt Cameron...

2 year old Jasper getting sunscreen applied

The parade down John Street

All of Us at the end....