Mount Gambier Harness Racing Club
Tuesday, 13th January 201

Sponsored by ~
Beachport Liquid Minerals and The Tackroom-Saddlerworld

On the cool blustery night of the 13th of January 2015, six of our eight ponies and drivers lined up keen to race.

Race 1- Beachport Liquid Minerals Pony Trots

As eager as ever, Smokey and Millie Beveridge bounced off there midfield handicap looking to have their second win for the season. Leading the field from the outset was Lucy and Keeley Formosa driving hard and making every post a winner and taking the field into the home straight. Making ground was Nicola Bowditch aboard Jerry who was dragging the rest of the field towards the leader. But pulling wide halfway down the straight was Blaze and Courtney Sealey gobbling up the early leader ,for the win. Following Blaze was Lucy and Keeley Formosa ahead of Smokey and Milllie Beveridge,  coming up in a close forth was Pee Wee Penny and Evie Sealey, then Jerry and Nicola Bowditch who weakened on the home straight, next over the line was backmarkers Minty and Jessica Shepherd who struggled with their handicap.


Race 2- The Tackroom- Saddleworld Handicap

The next race on the agenda was kindly sponsored by the Tackroom- Saddleworld of Mt Gambier. Previous winner Blaze (Courtney Sealey) were re-handicapped back another ten metres. Jerry flew off their mark following the early leader Lucy (Keeley Formosa), with Smokey (Millie Beveridge) in hot pursuit. Backmarker Minty (Jessica Shepherd), went out hard from the start and had caught the field on straightening for home. Pee Wee Penny and Evie Sealey were midfield and chasing hard after the leader. In a close finish, first place went to Jerry and Nicola Bowditch, second were Blaze and Courtney Sealey, ahead of Smokey with Millie Beveridge, forth went to Minty and Jessica Shepherd, then Lucy and Keeley Formosa and bringing up the tail end of the field was Pee Wee Penny and Evie Sealey.