Mount Gambier Harness Racing Club
Sunday, 15th February 2015

Sponsored by ~
Barker Harness Racing Stables and P&L Livestock & Real Estate

The 15th of February 2015,  Harness Racing meeting saw the junior drivers ready to race at Greenwald Paceway for the Barker Family Handicap and also the major race for the night, The Young Drivers of the Future Cup, proudly sponsored by P & L Livestock and Real Estate.


Race 1- Proudly Sponsored by the Barker Family

The Barker Family Handicap was a tightly contested affair.  We welcomed back Stacey Barker who was aboard 28 year old experienced pony trotter, Marmalade, who set the stakes higher for the night.  Courtney Sealey attempted to drive her cousins lightning fast pony, Lucy.   This saw promising results until Pee Wee Penny with Evie Sealey and Minty and Jessica Shepherd sprinted down the home straight with nothing to lose fighting it out against Lucy (Courtney Sealey).  Minty managed to get 1st placing.  But it wasn’t all over for Lucy (Courtney Sealey) sprinting to the finish line, ending up with 2nd place.  The fierce combination of Pee Wee Penny and Evie Sealey received 3rd place for the tense race. Blaze and Amber Formosa worked hard for 4th placing as they finished the race. Stacey Barker and Marmalade were just warming up ready for the second race which was the Young Drivers of the Future Cup where they were going to show their true spirit.   Jacob Opperman worked Jackim to his full abilities all the way from the 600 metre mark.


Race 2- Young Drivers of the Future Cup sponsored by P & L Livestock & Real Estate

There were a few changes to the field for the Young Drivers of the Future Cup. Keeley was on Lucy. Pee Wee Penny started well, leading the field of ponies. It wasn’t until Lucy (K. Formosa) that Pee Wee Penny (E Sealey) realised they were in real danger and in hot pursuit.  Lucy stormed home lengthening her stride over the finish line.   Keeley had a smile from ear to ear and was proud that she had her first win for the season.  Second went to Pee Wee Penny who could not catch the leader.  Marmalade and Stacey Barker who come all the way from Hamilton each meeting received 3rd placing for their efforts.  Next over the line were Jackim (J Opperman), Minty (J Shepherd), Jerry (N Bowditch) and last but not least Blaze (A Formosa).


Thank you to our sponsors for the races including P & L Livestock, K & S Fuels and the Barker Family for their support during the season.