Kongorong Double

Near perfect conditions greeted the 7 ponies at the Greenwald Paceway on Sunday evening.

Race 1

Snoopy & Kylie Shepherd started well at the whistle & took the early lead in fine form, chased hard by Blaze who was trotting along faultlessly under the direction of Courtney Sealey.

Down the back straight Slim Dusty was edging forward with Stacey Barker urging him on to catch Willow & Abbey Gull behind the leaders.

The backmarkers were running a race of their own behind the main field but were all running roughly in their eagerness to overcome their handicaps.

Pumpkin was driven hard by Emma Greenfield catching Marmalade (Jackie Barker) & Minty (Matthew Shepherd) in the home straight, but all three had trouble maintaining their gait.

Snoopy looked comfortable in front until he slowed to a walk to read the “Landmark” sign. A despairing Kylie Shepherd was unable to stop Blaze & Courtney Sealey from stealing the lead.

They showed no mercy as they held the lead & fired home to take out the Sealey Silage Wrapping Handicap. A very happy Courtney Sealey accepted the trophy donated by her family for her first lifetime pony-race win.

In 2nd place was a disgraced Snoopy & 3rd place went to Slim Dusty, followed by Willow, Pumpkin, Minty & Marmalade.

Race 2

Frontmarker Snoopy had another good start in the K. Petit & R. Lattin Racing Stables Handicap. Trotting along well, & feeling no need to read the “Landmark” sign again, he continued on steadily much to Kylie Shepherd’s relief.

Blaze & Courtney Sealey tried hard to close the gap but found no opportunity to capitalise, while  Slim Dusty with his usual consistency edged forward passing Willow down the straight.

Marmalade’s performance improved with a longer warm up allowing her to dominate Minty (Emma Shepherd) & Pumpkin who could find no form.

A surprised & delighted Kylie Shepherd drove her not so trusty steed over the line for victory.

“It’s been a while” she stated but with Snoopy in control it’s no wonder!

They were followed by Blaze in 2nd place & Slim Dusty in 3rd place, ahead of Marmalade, Minty, Willow & Pumpkin.

Courtney Sealey and her Pony Blaze


The next meeting on the 4th March will be the Glencoe Pony Cup sponsored by the Glencoe Community. A full contingent of 10 ponies & 12 drivers are expected to compete over the 2 races, one of these being a first time driver.