Mount Gambier Harness Racing Club
Sunday, 22nd March 2015

Mount Gambier Harness Racing Club’s ponies and junior drivers took to the track again this week for the running of the Produce Store Handicap and also the N & J Freight Handicap.

The first race started well with Lucy in front most of the way, until the rest of the field quickly approached. Pee Wee Penny and Evie Sealey along with Slim Dusty (Amber Formosa) stuck to the inside of the track keeping it safe. The recent instalment of the sprint lane, proved to be a great assistance to the backmarker Minty and Jessica Shepherd who were lengthening stride by stride and were first over the line. Lucy was unable to maintain the trot but still was able to receive 2nd placing. Third place went to the consistent team, Blaze and Courtney Sealey, gave a solid effort and tried to break away from the rest of the field of ponies. Jerry under the direction of Nicola Bowditch continued to trot perfectly and came 4th.  Next over the line was Pee Wee Penny (Evie Sealey) who had a great race, but was unable to catch the leaders. It was yet another solid effort by Slim Dusty and Amber Formosa however they struggled with their handicap.

Ponies with their drivers were re-handicapped for their requirements. Slim Dusty and Amber Formosa was off their marks at the whistle and there was no stopping them. Lucy (Keeley Formosa) and Slim Dusty lead the field of pony trotters until the homes straight when Jerry came flying past. BY the end of the race, the smile said it all; Nicola Bowditch was victorious and proud about her win.  Second went to Blaze and Courtney Sealey, ahead of previous winner Minty and Jessica Shepherd and fourth went to Slim Dusty and Amber Formosa with an improved run. Pee Wee Penny (Evie Sealey and Lucy (Keeley Formosa) were next over the line and just could not keep up with the winner.

The Mount Gambier Pony Trotters would like to thank to the Produce Store for their local support and also N & J Freight as well as K & S Fuels.  On Easter Monday, the 6th April, with 2 intense pony races on the schedule, and it sure will be a great day out.