Mount Gambier Harness Racing Club
Sunday, 26th March 2017

With quite a few late scratchings, only five combinations lined up for not only the two last pony races in this season but the decider of Pony of the Year. The Bygate Family from interstate sponsored race 1 and race 2 was sponsored by pony trots supporters. Backmarker, Jackim (Jacob Opperman) flew off his handicap and lengthened his stride to catch the rest of the field. However, Jerry under the control of Nicola Bowditch, were too quick for the other four ponies and claimed the win. Marmalade (Mikayla Bygate) stormed home for second place ahead of Zena and Kimberley Opperman. Jackim (Jacob Opperman) was next over the line closely followed by Oliver Twist and Bryce Bygate.


Race two was a marathon raced over 800 metres. Marmalade and Mikayla Bygate came off their midfield mark fast and quickly made ground on Zena and Jerry who led the field to the home straight where, Jackim gained ground on them. Jerry and Nicola Bowditch received another win for the night, in front of Jackim and Jacob Opperman. Marmalade driven flawlessly by Mikayla Bygate trotted over the line for third. Zena (Kimberley Opperman) and Oliver Twist (Bryce Bygate) couldn’t keep up the fast pace to receive a placing.