Mt Gambier
Friday, 27th December 2013

Sponsored by ~
Shepherd Family & Sealey Silage Wrapping

Race 1- 600m
Shepherd Family Handicap

The opening race for the night was proudly sponsored by The Shepherd Family. All drivers and ponies came out on to the track keen to race, with new driver Amber Formosa joining the field driving an experienced pony Blaze. Most ponies joined a bunch on the top turn with front-marker, Willow (Abbey Gull) taking the lead winning the race. The Glynn Family debuted with their new pony; Lucy (Courtney Sealey) who had only 4 starts in her 20 years, who came 2nd in the race. Pablo (Jessica Shepherd) followed Lucy over the finish line and got 3rd place. The Barker Family who travelled from Hamilton with their very experienced pony Slim Dusty (Stacey Barker) fought hard but was unable to get a placing. It was a race to the finish line for Jackim (Emma Shepherd) and Zena (Jacob Opperman) who fought for the 4th placing. Zena came 4th with Jackim following on behind and Pumpkin (Emma Greenfield) on their backs.

Race 2 – 600m
Sealey Silage Wrapping Handicap

Once again, all eight ponies took to the track for the Sealey Silage Wrapping Handicap. With a slight change in handicaps, Willow was again the front marker. Lucy got off to a great start, chasing down Willow who had the lead.  Jackim and Pablo were neck and neck, before catching up to Blaze. Willow held the lead for some time, before a wall of ponies came up behind him, stealing the lead and pushing Willow out of the top 3. In a close finish, newcomer Lucy took out the race, with driver Courtney Sealey winning the race her own family sponsored. Second across the line was Zena who wasn’t far behind the winner Lucy. Zena was followed by Slim Dusty. The rest of the field crossed the line in a very close finish.

Our next race meeting will be held on Tuesday 7th of January, with more ponies still expected to take to the track.


x - Absent from Meeting
r - Did Not Finish Event