Mount Gambier Harness Racing Club
Sunday, 30th November 2014

Sponsored by ~ Jesse Gravestock & Graham and Karen Jones

On the 30th of November in the warm conditions of Mt Gambier, the junior drivers and ponies were set to compete their first race of the 2014/15 harness racing season. New driver Nicola Bowditch and her pony Jerry set the stakes higher as they took to the track for the first time ever.


Race 1:

Trent & Jesse Gravestock & Ron Sewart of Diverse Transport Fabrications

  • Trailer/Tray Repairs
  • Custom Builds
  • Welding Repairs
  • Trailer Refurbishments

The Diverse Transport Fabrications handicap started well with Blaze (Amber Formosa) shooting of their midfield handicap. They led the field until the backmarker; Jackim (Jacob Opperman) stormed down the home straight showing true form. Blaze, Pee Wee Penny (Evie Sealey) and Lucy (Keeley Formosa) were close behind taking out second, third and forth. Yoshi (Courtney Sealey) cruised down the home straight with nothing to lose gaining 5th placing ahead of newcomer Nicola Bowditch and Jerry, who did a wonderful job for their first race, as well as all other mini trot drivers.

Race 2:

Proudly Sponsored by Karen & Graham Jones

The second race for the night was proudly sponsored by Graham & Karen Jones who kindly donated a steer to the Mount Gambier Pony Trotters. After a few gear changes and difficulties unfortunately Yoshi (Courtney Sealey) was a late scratching.  Lucy (Keeley Formosa) had an early lead from their handicap while backmarkers Jerry (Nicola Bowditch) struggled to make enough ground and Jackim (Jacob Opperman) had trouble maintaining a trot. However, Pee Wee Penny, driven flawlessly by Evie Sealey, was able to sustain a solid trot as they stormed down the home straight to take out the win. Blaze (Amber Formosa), Lucy (Keeley Formosa), Jackim (Jacob Opperman) and Jerry (Nicola Bowditch) could not keep up with the speedy frontrunner Pee Wee Penny.


The Mount Gambier Pony Trotters would like to thank K & S Fuels, Diverse Transport Fabrications and Graham and Karen Jones for their assistance sponsoring and helping the Pony Trotters. In 2 weeks time we look forward to seeing all ponies and drivers dressed up for the festive season and also Millie Beveridge and Smokey joining us again for some more fun summertime pony racing.