Mt Gambier
Tuesday, 7th January 2014

Sponsored by ~
Opperman Thoroughbred Racing Stables & P&L Livestock

Race 1: Opperman Thoroughbred Racing Stables Handicap
The first race for the night was proudly sponsored by the Opperman Thoroughbred Racing Stables. All 9 ponies lined up at their marks well. The whistle blew, with ponies taking off to a flying start, with Jackim (Emma Shepherd) going for a bit of a gallop and jump along the back straight. Millie Beveridge and Smokey quickly took the lead, with Willow and Abbey Gull not far behind them. However, Willow was soon swamped by the back markers, Pablo (Jessica Shepherd), Jackim and Pumpkin (Emma Greenfield). Blaze (Courtney Sealey) and Lucy (Amber Formosa) steamed along in the midfield. Smokey held the lead for the whole race, taking out the first race of the program. Slim Dusty (Stacey Barker) going over the line in 2nd. Willow stormed home in the end, taking 3rd place. 4th was Blaze, followed by Pablo in 5th. Zena (Jacob Opperman) fought hard, coming 6th, before Lucy. Pumpkin was 8th to finish, with Jackim the last to cross the line.

Race 2: P&L Livestock Young Drivers of the Future Cup

The main race for the night was the Young Drivers of the Future Cup, which was once again sponsored by P&L Livestock. Once again, 9 ponies took to the track, all in hope of winning the rug and trophy. Everyone got off to a flying start with Smokey and Millie taking an early lead, a repeat of the previous race. Slim Dusty fought for the lead behind the pair. The backmarkers were making a lot of ground until one pony fell, causing Jackim and Pumpkin to stop and assist. Millie Beveridge and Smokey kept the lead, eventually taking out the double. Abbey and Willow fought for a placing, though didn't succeed due to excess galloping. Slim Dusty took second, with Zena securing third place, unfazed by the events of the race. Cousins Amber and Courtney crossed the line in 4th and 5th, with ponies Lucy and Blaze. Pablo, Jackim and Pumpkin didn't complete the race.
Millie Beveridge, who travels from Roxby Downs during the school holidays, was ecstatic to win her first dress rug of her driving career, for her trusty pony, Smokey.


x - Absent from Meeting
r - Did Not Finish Event