Mt Gambier Harness Racing Club
Tuesday, 7th January 2020

The Sandra and Dennis Gray Pony Trot was run and won, in fine form, by Kloe Phillips on board Little Miss Gerri, in their first ever pony trot win. 

Poppin Pepe and Molly Hinch got off to a great start, with Little Miss Gerri chasing out after them form the onset.  Buddy Boom Boom, driven by Marnee Formosa, sat fourth in the slip stream , awaiting the straight to pull Buddy to the outside of Super Marley and Holly Phillips.

Sheza Ginger Ninja waited patiently for the run home, while backmarkers Blaze and Evie Sealey, held off a forward moving Super Mario and Keeley Formosa, both pairs with considerable ground to make up.

Poppin Pepe tired heading into the front straight, giving up the lead to Little Miss Gerri, who took full advantage and went for home.  Buddy Boom Boom peeled to the outside, however Holly Phillips stuck strong in the run home.  Sheza Ginger Ninja had a bit of ground to make up, with Super Mario starting to warm up alongside Blaze, promising a great finish overall.

Little Miss Gerri and Kloe Phillips crossed the line in convincing fashion, in first, well ahead of Super Marley in second, and a fast finishing Blaze in third.  Sheza Ginger Ninja and Super Mario followed, with Buddy Boom Boom and Poppin Pepe bringing up the rear.


Race Two saw handicapper Barry Carraill adjust the marks of a couple starters, ensuring yet another close finish, in the Pony Trot Supporter’s Pony Trot.

All ponies have been trotting well, and driven well by their drivers, it’s great to see the improvements in tactics, and driving skills, as the season progresses.

Poppin Pepe and Molly Hinch, again off to a flying start, leading the field as they turned into the home straight.   Kloe Phillips was looking for the double on Little Miss Gerri, who was trotting strongly for the duration.  Buddy Boom Boom (Marnee Formosa) over took Super Marley (Holly Phillips), and Sheza Ginger Ninja’s driver, Amity Formosa, headed to the outside running and looked a good chance in the closing stages.  Super Mario again finished strongly, closely followed by Blaze and Poppin Pepe.

Sheza Ginger Ninja put in the big strides to run home in first, closely followed by Little Miss Gerri and Buddy Boom Boom flashed home, in the sprint lane, for third.  Super Mario fourth, Super Marley ran another good race to finish fifth, alongside Blaze and Poppin Pepe.


x - Absent from Meeting
r - Did Not Finish Event